The Future of Cosmetic Packaging

Sunrange,More than Cosmetic Packaging

At Sunrange, we pride ourselves as one of the premier cosmetic packaging manufacturers offering more than just containers. As leaders in cosmetic packaging wholesale and cosmetic packaging supply, we champion sustainability through our eco-friendly cosmetic packaging and recycled cosmetic containers. With us, it's not just about packaging; it's about a commitment to the planet and unparalleled quality.

The Vanguard of Beauty Product Packaging

Custom Design Makeup Packaging
Create a distinctive brand presence with our custom design offerings. No matter the scale of your business, we ensure your product vision is brought to life seamlessly.

Stay Ahead: Cosmetic Packaging Trends

Embrace the future with designs and materials tailored for the next generation of beauty aficionados. Innovate with us.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics in Makeup Packaging

Precision in Cosmetic Bottle Design
Experience packaging that's more than just a container. Our designs prioritize ease-of-use, ensuring your consumers enjoy every interaction with your product.

Skincare Packaging That Resonates

Our packaging solutions ensure that the essence and quality of your skincare product are communicated from the very first glance.

Sustainability at the Core

Post-consumer Recycled Cosmetic Packaging Solutions
Align your brand with the green revolution. Our  post-consumer recycled packaging choices offer top-notch design without compromising the environment.

Inspiring Eco-friendly Makeup Packaging Ideas

Lead the beauty industry with packaging solutions that resonate with the eco-conscious. Be the change you wish to see.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Flexible Small Batch Cosmetic Packaging
Small scale doesn't mean less significant. Whether it's for indie brands or limited releases, our small batch offerings ensure you never compromise on quality.

The Revolution of Reusable Beauty Container Designs

Foster brand loyalty and environmental responsibility with containers designed for multiple uses. A sustainable choice for the future.



Find Ideal Packaging for Your Cosmetic Products

Sunrange Pack is a professional team with members of Design, Engineering, Research & Development, Manufacturing, and QA based in Taiwan. We help our clients own the best skincare, cosmetics, and personal care products packaging. We are offering a one-stop packaging solution service from concept to completion.

We are working with the best cosmetics packaging manufacturers in Taiwan and China. All products are made from highly precise injection molds with the best and most stable quality raw material, the products were always satisfied with rigorous quality control and certified quality standards for worldwide customers.

We adopt different types of automatic injection machinery, blowing machinery, and equipment to complete High-End Quality Packaging Containers, from mold development, mass production, and quality inspection to final packaging, we insist on providing worldwide customers with well-quality products, complete services, and punctual deliveries. We continuously produce and supply packaging products such as Cosmetic Cream Jars, Cosmetic Bottles, Make-up Containers, Airless Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Sprayer Bottles, Lotion Pumps, Droppers etc.

In the realm of cosmetics, the package is often the prologue. Whether you're seeking the perfect airless bottle pump for serums, a chic lipstick container that speaks elegance, or custom eyeshadow boxes that shimmer with allure – we've got it all. From cosmetic jars with lids that preserve the purity of your product to the industry's best cosmetic packaging, and even environment-friendly plastic cosmetic packaging, we ensure every product gets the casing it deserves.
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Skin Care
Secondary Packaging
Unearth a world of packaging possibilities. From intricate designs to innovative sustainability measures, our catalog offers a comprehensive look into Sunrange's offerings.